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Key Points

  • North American land borders are closed through July 21, 2021, due to COVID-19 concerns
  • Only essential travel for medical care, education, work, and other select purposes is currently permitted
  • Travel for tourism and recreation remains prohibited
  • Air travel is not affected


Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, US-Mexico and US-Canada land borders are closed through July 21, 2021.

What are the Changes?

North American land borders will remain closed for another month. Aside from the extended closure, all other provisions of the existing border closure will stay the same. The border closures apply to train, boat, and passenger ferry travel only. Air travel is not affected.

Travel is restricted to essential purposes only at this time, which includes US citizens and permanent residents traveling home, people traveling across borders for healthcare, employment, or education, and individuals involved in cross-border trade. Limited additional exceptions may be permitted in certain circumstances. Travel for tourism and recreational reasons is prohibited.

Looking Ahead

US–Mexico and US–Canada land borders have been closed since March 2020. Border closures have been extended on a monthly basis since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Updates will be provided as available on future border closures.

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