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Key Points

  • Andorran passport holders who frequently travel to the UK will be required to register with the Registered Travel Service for more accessible entrance into the UK


The government of Andorra announced that citizens with Andorran passports who frequently travel to the UK would be allowed to register with the Registered Travel service. This process will grant Andorran passport holders access to scan their passports at ePassport gates and utilize UK passport entry lanes. Frequent travel is defined as travel that has taken place at least four times in the last two years.

What are the Changes?

Andorran passport holders will use their passports at airport e-gates in the UK, facilitating quicker travel at the British border.

Looking Ahead

The government of Andorra recommends that citizens check the government of the UK’s travel restrictions page before traveling to the UK. Continue to check the government of Andorra’s website for additional updates and information.

Source: Government of Andorra

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