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Key Points

  • Belgium aims to create a combined residence permit application system for all its regions and states


The Belgian government has outlined an ambitious initiative to modernize its residence application process through the development of an advanced electronic platform. This innovative system aims to streamline and centralize the submission of residence applications, marking a significant step forward in administrative efficiency and service accessibility. Designed to seamlessly connect the Federal State with the various regional entities, including the Walloon Region, the Flemish Region, the Brussels-Capital Region, and the German-speaking Community, the platform will foster greater cohesion and coordination in immigration procedures across Belgium.

The proposed collaboration is poised to revolutionize the way residence applications are handled, promising a more user-friendly and responsive experience for both applicants and authorities alike. As part of the meticulous planning process, a draft cooperation agreement has been meticulously crafted and is currently under consideration by the Consultation Committee. Following this stage, the preliminary draft will be subjected to thorough scrutiny and evaluation by the Council of State to ensure legal integrity and regulatory compliance.

This forward-thinking initiative underscores Belgium’s commitment to embracing technological innovation to enhance public services and administrative operations. By harnessing the power of digital platforms, the government aims to expedite and simplify the residence application process and bolster transparency, accountability, and accessibility within the immigration framework. Ultimately, this initiative represents a proactive approach towards modern governance, poised to deliver tangible benefits for both citizens and residents of Belgium.

Looking Ahead

Continue to check the government of Belgium’s website for the latest updates and information.

Written by: Jessie Butchley, Global Immigration Writer, Envoy Global
Source: Council of the Ministries Belgium

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