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Key Points

  • The government of Brazil will introduce a new temporary visa and residence permit option for foreign nationals performing remote work for a foreign company in Brazil


The government of Brazil will introduce temporary visas and residence permits for foreign nationals to remain in Brazil without formal employment registered in the country beginning January 24, 2022. These visas and permits will initially be valid for one year and may be renewed for another year.

Foreign nationals will be able to apply for this visa type at a Brazilian consular facility in their home country or country of residence. Required documents must be presented, including proof of valid health insurance and evidence of a work or service contract that will allow the foreign national to work as a digital nomad.

What are the Changes?

The government of Brazil will introduce a new digital nomad visa for foreign nationals employed by a foreign company who wish to work remotely in Brazil for one year.

Looking Ahead

Continue to check the government of Brazil’s website for the latest updates and information.

Source: AgĂȘncia Brasil

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