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Key Points

  • United States, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro, and North Macedonia were all removed from the EU’s list of countries exempt from restrictions on non-essential travel
  • Travelers from the US, Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro, and North Macedonia will face additional travel restrictions, such as longer quarantine periods and additional testing requirements due to this change


After a meeting on Monday, August 30, the European Council recommended that all 27 member states remove the United States and several other countries, including Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro, and North Macedonia from the safe travel list because of rising COVID-19 infections in the countries.

What’s Changed?

As of June 30, the United States and 14 other countries had reached an agreement with the EU that allowed for the easing of entry requirements for non-essential travel. However, as of August 30, individuals taking part in non-essential travel will potentially face additional travel restrictions as determined by each Member State.

Looking Ahead

Based on the decision, additional travel restrictions could be implemented at the discretion of the authorities of each Member State. Most Member States are expected to comply with the Council’s recommendation. Restrictions and new policies will vary based on country. For additional information and changes visit the following links: for non-EU nationals and for EU-nationals.

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