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Key Points
  • India has reopened its borders following a COVID-19 lockdown
  • International travelers are permitted to enter India for business purposes
  • Travel to India for tourism is still prohibited
  • All travelers must comply with existing health guidelines, including quarantine
  • Commercial flight bans are still in effect, but repatriation and chartered flights are
  • Maritime borders are open
  • Border restrictions are subject to change based on current epidemiological conditions

India has reopened its borders to international travelers following a strict COVID-19 lockdown.

What’s New?

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has reopened the country’s borders following a dip in national COVID-19 infection rates. The loosened border restrictions are intended to stimulate economic growth.

Who is Affected?

International travelers are now permitted to enter India, but entry permissions only apply to certain categories. Business travel is now allowed, but travel to India for tourism is still prohibited. Commercial flights are not available at this time, but business travelers can enter the country by air through government repatriation programs and private charters. Maritime borders are also open, and business travelers may arrive by ship.

What Should Employers and Employees Know?

Even though some travel restrictions have been relaxed, some health and safety measures are still in place. All business travelers must strictly adhere to government guidelines for COVID-19, including quarantine requirements.

Looking Ahead

India will modify its border restrictions in accordance with changing epidemiological conditions. Employers and business travelers should monitor the country’s current regulations when planning travel.

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