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Key Points

  • The Irish government announces changes to the Employment Permit System, including expanding quota limits and eligibility for specific employment permits


On October 28, 2021, the government of Ireland announced changes to the employment permits system for workers from countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). These changes have been made to address skills and labor shortages in specific sectors in Ireland.

What are the Changes?

Changes to the employment permit system for workers from countries outside of the EEA working in Ireland aim to address skills and labor shortages in the Irish economy’s construction, logistics, hospitality, and agri-food sectors. Changes include expanding eligibility for a General Employment Permit for workers in the construction sector. The quota for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers’ work permits has been removed, and the percentage for workers in the agri-food sector has been expanded. Social workers will also be eligible for Critical Skills Employment Permits.

These changes will allow certain employers to hire more workers from outside of Ireland to address current skills and labor shortages. For additional information concerning the changes, click here.

Looking Ahead

Continue to check Ireland’s government website for additional information and updates.

Source: The Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment, Ireland

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