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Key Points

  • Adjusted entrance regulations are now in place for all travelers
  • The Sputnik-V vaccine was approved for inbound travel


The government of Israel adjusted entrance regulations, so travelers must submit their pre-departure form 48 hours before travel. This form includes:

  • Personal information
  • A verifiable digital COVID-19 certificate and receive a green pass before boarding, OR
  • Those who do not have a verifiable digital COVID-19 certificate will be required to declare the vaccines they received in the entry declaration form and will need to have received a green pass before boarding
  • Provide a self-isolation address

The government of Israel will also recognize the Sputnik-V vaccine as an approved entrance vaccine beginning November 15, 2021. For additional information regarding approved vaccines, click here.

The government of Israel adjusted entrance restrictions for all travelers and will recognize the Sputnik-V vaccine as an approved entrance vaccine.

What are the Changes?

Previously, the government of Israel required travelers to submit their pre-departure form 24 hours before travel. Under this new change, passengers will have additional time to complete and submit the pre-departure form. The government has also expanded its list of approved vaccines, allowing more vaccinated travelers to enter the country.

Looking Ahead

Continue to check the Israeli government website for additional information and updates.

Source: Ministry of Health, Israel

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