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The US Department of Labor has updated its processing times for prevailing wage determination (PWD) requests and permanent labor certification (PERM) applications.

As of August 31, 2020, the Department of Labor was adjudicating PERM applications filed in April 2020. It was also conducting audit reviews for applications filed in November 2019 and earlier. The agency was reviewing reconsideration appeals that were filed in June 2020 and before. As of August 31st, average PERM processing times were 140 days for adjudication and 308 days for audit review.

By August 31st, the National Prevailing Wage Center was processing PWD requests filed in May 2020 and earlier for H-1B cases. It was also processing PWD requests for PERM cases filed in March 2020 and before. Reconsiderations were being contemplated for appeals filed in August 2020 and earlier for H-1B and PERM cases. No center director reviews were pending for H-1B or PERM cases as of August 31st. In August, the average processing times for prevailing wage determinations were 108 days for H-1B (OES) and 96 days for H-1B (non-OES). Average processing times for PERM prevailing wage determinations were 107 days (OES) and 91 days (non-OES).

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