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Key Points

  • The Sri Lankan embassies in Oslo, Norway, Baghdad, Iraq, and the consulate general in Sydney, Australia, will temporarily close on March 30, 2022
  • The consular functions of these three missions will be reassigned


The government of Sri Lanka announced that it would temporarily close its embassies in Oslo, Norway, and Baghdad, Iraq. The government will also close the Consulate General in Sydney, Australia. These measures will go into effect on April 30, 2022.

Functions of the embassy in Oslo, Norway, will be moved to the Sri Lankan embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. Parts of the embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, will be shifted to the Sri Lankan embassy in Abu Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

The work of the Consulate General in Sydney, Australia, will be moved to the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Canberra, Australia.

What are the Changes?

The government of Sri Lanka announced the temporary closure of three missions abroad due to the conditions of the global pandemic and economic challenges. The functions of these missions have been accredited to nearby missions.

Looking Ahead

The foreign affairs department of Sri Lanka will monitor the transition process over the next several months and release updates accordingly. Continue to check the government of Sri Lanka’s website for additional updates and information.

Source: Government News, Sri Lanka

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