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Key Points
  • The MD has announced multiple updates for residence permit applicants
  • Transfer residence permit applications are currently suspended
  • Application processing is currently suspended for certain applicants outside of Turkey
  • Applicants should anticipate delays in residence permit application and card issuance

The Migration Directorate has announced several updates for residence permit applicants.

What are the Changes?

The Migration Directorate (MD) has announced several changes that affect residence permit applicants, including a suspension of transfer residence permit applications, changes to application processing for out-of-country applicants, and delays in application processing and residence card production.

Transfer Applications

The MD has temporarily suspended acceptance for transfer applications. At this time, the MD will not process applications for foreign nationals who are located outside the country but then move their residence to Turkey. The change is designed to discourage applicants who live in Turkey from filing applications at an MD office outside of the country to take advantage of shorter backlogs.

Adjudication for Out-of-Country Applicants

The MD has announced a new policy for out-of-country residence permit applicants. The MD will now deny applications if the applicant is located outside the country on the day of the first scheduled residence permit application appointment, if the applicant is outside Turkey on the day that the application is mailed to the MD, or if the applicant is not physically in Turkey when the MD reviews the application.

To avoid having their applications denied, applicants should ensure that they do not leave Turkey until their application is approved after submitting the application for review.

Processing Delays

The MD has also noted delays in application processing and residence card issuance. Currently, MD officers are reviewing residence permit application packages three months or longer from when the application was submitted. Additionally, the MD has been encountering technical issues with residence card production, including inconsistent data between the residence card and exit documentation. The MD is also experiencing delays in issuing residence permit cards.

Looking Ahead

The MD is continuing to experience problems with residence permit application issuance and residence permit card production due to COVID-19 and other issues. Updates to additional changes that affect residence permit applicants will be provided as available.

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