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Key Points

  • Golden Visa holders who are on the mainland may now obtain a work permit from the MOHRE
  • The MOHRE announced that the permits are issued to Golden Visa holders under 3 cases
    • To those who were previously unemployed when they received their Golden Visa and now want to begin working
    • To those who are currently employed and want to begin work with a new employer
    • To those who want to renew their work permit and employment contract
  • The application process and fees for obtaining this work permit are expected to be announced in the coming weeks
  • Golden Visas are long-term residency visas and are currently available to foreign nationals who are considered investors, entrepreneurs, workers with outstanding specialized talents, or outstanding students


After an approved cabinet resolution, the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has officially started issuing work permits to Golden Visa holders. Golden Visa holders who are employed and/or are seeking employment on the mainland, including those under dependent status, may obtain a new work permit from the MOHRE.

What Are the Changes?

Prior to this announcement, Golden Visa holders were ineligible to pursue a work permit if working or looking for work while on the mainland of the UAE. Only Golden Visa holders working in free zones of the country were permitted to apply and obtain work authorization provided by the respective authority.

Looking Ahead

The MOHRE has not yet released details regarding the application process or fees associated with obtaining the work permit for Golden Visa holders but is expected to make a follow-up announcement in the coming weeks.

Source: United Arab Emirates Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

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