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Key Points
  • The Immigration Health Surcharge will increase to £624 for most applications on October 27th
  • A £475 fee applies to Tier 4 General Student visas, Tier 5 Youth Mobility visas, and applicants under age 18
  • Health and Visa Care applications are exempt from the surcharge

The Immigration Health Surcharge increase will affect certain applications starting in October.

What has Changed?

The Immigration Health Surcharge will impact applications dated October 27, 2020 and later. The new fee will increase to £624. Currently, the fee is £400.

Exemptions and Modifications

The surcharge does not apply to Health and Care visa applications. A reduced fee of £475 applies to Tier 4 General Student visa applications, Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa applications, and applicants under age 18.


The Immigration Health Surcharge has been required since 2015. It accompanies the Home Office visa application fee and allows foreign nationals to access the UK’s National Health Service.

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