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Key Points

  • The Department of State (DOS) issued 14% more immigrant visas in FY 2023 than in FY 2022
  • Visa issuance rates have been increasing since the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Nonimmigrant visa issuance rates also increased in FY 2023


In Fiscal Year (FY) 2023, the number of immigrant visas issued in the US surpassed issuance rates before the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Report of the Visa Office 2023 shows that the Department of State (DOS) issued 14% more immigrant visas than the year before. In 2023, the DOS issued 562,976 immigrant visas, compared to 493,448 in 2022. Visa issuance rates declined during the COVID-19 pandemic but have risen in the past two fiscal years.

Nonimmigrant visa issuance rates have also increased in the past year. In FY 2023, the DOS issued 10.4 million nonimmigrant visas, which is close to a record number of visas issued.

Written by: Lucy Halse, Content Marketing Associate, Envoy Global
Edited by: Dmitri Pikman, Partner, Corporate Immigration Partners
Source: US Department of Labor (DOL)

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