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Key Points
  • The Government of Dubai is launching a new Virtual Working Program
  • Eligible foreign professionals can work remotely and remain employed in their home country
  • A minimum salary and pay history documentation are required for program applicants
  • Business owners must show a one-year proof of company ownership
  • An application fee of USD 287 per application applies

The Government of Dubai is implementing a new Virtual Working Program that allows foreign professionals to work remotely while staying employed in their home country. The Virtual Working Program is the first remote work visa offered in the Middle East.


The Virtual Working Program allows foreign nationals to work from Dubai without obtaining a local employment contract. The Virtual Working Program does not permit foreign workers and their dependents to perform work for a local Dubai employer or provide services to a person or entity conducting business in Dubai.

What are the Requirements?

Certain requirements apply for individuals seeking employment through the Virtual Working Program.

Foreign nationals must meet a minimum salary requirement of USD 5,000 per month to qualify. They must provide a certificate of employment with a minimum work contract of one year, current pay stubs covering one month’s compensation, an official bank statement for the previous three months, proof of valid health insurance in the UAE, and an accompanying application fee of USD 287 per application. Business owners must show proof of company ownership for one year in lieu of an employment contract.

Looking Ahead

The government has yet to announce an application process timeline and documentation that will be issued to successful applicants. Additional details are expected soon.

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