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Key Points

  • Employers can use this link to download the submission form and should email the completed form to before August 12, 2021
  • The Critical Skills List serves as the determination for which occupations are eligible for the Critical Skills permit, which is often used for local hires
  • The list of Ineligible Occupations for Employment Permits determines which occupations are not able to be fulfilled by foreign nations of non-EU/EEA countries, based on the labor market
  • The Ineligible Occupations List was recently updated to help mitigate the healthcare worker shortage in June of 2021


Ireland’s Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment is now accepting public submissions for input before their review of the Critical Skills Occupations List and the Ineligible Occupations List. This gives employers an opportunity to provide input from their perspective for employment shortages or surpluses that they may be facing in the labor market.

Looking Ahead

This provides employers a great opportunity to communicate relevant factors that are impacting their labor industry.

Source: Ireland’s Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment

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