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Key Points
  • Cancellations and modifications have been made to the Salvini decree
  • Individuals can apply for special and humanitarian protection more easily
  • Asylum seekers can register as residents
  • Some residence permits can be converted into residence permits that allow employment
  • Processing time for specific citizenship applications is reduced to 36 months

The Italian government has introduced several changes to its Salvini decree provisions, otherwise known as the security and immigration decree.

What are the Changes?

The modifications will allow individuals to apply for special protection and humanitarian protection more quickly. Asylum seekers may be able to register as residents with the city council. Some residence permits, including pending citizenship applications, calamity, special protection status, elective residence, and others, may be eligible for conversion into residence permits that enable applicants to work.

The modifications also include reduced processing time for citizenship applications for marriage and naturalization. The average processing time will be 36 months for both citizenship applications. Previously, the average processing time was 48 months.

Looking Ahead

Additional information and updates will be available when the decree is published in the official gazette.

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