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Key Points

  • There are 67,000 work permits reserved for non-European Economic Area workers in Italy for 2022


The government of Italy updated the work permit quota for 2022 for workers from countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). A maximum of 69,700 permits will be granted under the following categories over the next two months:

  • Beginning January 27, 2022: 27,700 for non-seasonal, self-employed persons, changes in status, and other hires
  • Beginning February 1, 2022: 42,000 for seasonal workers and those working in agriculture and the tourism-hotel sectors

Pre-filling application forms will be available at 9:00 am on January 12, 2022. Click here for more information.

What are the Changes?

The government of Italy published its work permit quotas for non-EEA workers for 2022. A maximum of 69,700 permits will be granted for non-EEA subordinate workers, seasonal and non-seasonal, and self-employed workers.

Looking Ahead

Continue to check the government of Italy’s website for additional updates and information.

Source: Ministry of the Interior, Italy

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