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Key Points 

  • Beginning May 21, 2021, foreign national residents of Norway no longer have to register with the National Registry of Norway.
  • To leave and reenter Norway, foreign national residents only need to provide their residence permit, travel documentation, and travel itinerary as evidence of their scheduled return-date to customs officials.
Effective May 21, 2021, the requirements for what documentation is necessary to show that foreign nationals are residents of Norway, and thus have the right to reenter the country after a temporary leave, are set to change.
The Norwegian government has decided that foreign nationals are no longer required to be registered with the National Registry to be considered residents of Norway. Instead, when foreign nationals plan to temporarily leave Norway, they must only provide their residence permit and proof of return-travel to Norway when leaving and entering the country.
What Are the Changes? 
Before May 21, 2021, foreign nationals living and working in Norway under a residence permit were required to be registered on the National Registry of Norway. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Registry was used to determine whether foreign nationals were permitted to enter the country or not, and only those included were allowed entry.
However, this new change eliminates the National Registry requirement, and foreign nationals with resident permits may now leave and enter the country by only providing their residence permits, travel documentation, and travel itinerary.
Looking Ahead 
This change does not affect foreign nationals who have been granted work permits in Norway. Any foreign national working in Norway who does not have a residence permit should contact their local Immigration Office for more information before planning any travel outside the country.
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