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Key Points

  • On August 6, 2021, the Peruvian government launched a new regulatory resolution: Resolution of the Superintendency No. 000170-2021-MIGRACIONES. The resolution repeals two previous policies granting temporary immigration facilities (Resolution of the Superintendency No. 000104-2020-MIGRACIONES and No. 000120-2020-MIGRACIONES)
  • The changes impact temporary and long-term immigration matters
  • Foreign nationals with unusual or irregular immigration statuses must now apply for standardized statuses; effective August 16, 2021, all deadlines resume


A basic overview of the repeals follows:

  • Temporary and long-term resident status extensions granted after March 16, 2020 (according to the former resolution) were only extended until the new resolution launched on August 6, 2021. These older extensions are no longer valid
  • Foreign nationals with an exit order and/or without immigration status extensions must leave Peru on the fifteenth day following August 6, 2021
    • Important note: Foreign nationals who have overstayed their visa by 10 days (after August 6, 2021) are subject to an overstay fine
  • Authorization for foreign nationals remaining outside Peru for 30, 183, or 365 calendar days resumed on the tenth day following August 6, 2021

Finally, foreign nationals with an irregular immigration situation since October 22, 2020, must now apply for standardized immigration status regulated by Supreme Decree No. 010-2020-IN. The deadlines resume on August 16, 2021.

What Are the Changes?

The Peruvian government has returned to its general immigration regulations, repealing special policies providing temporary facilities.

Looking Ahead

These changes reflect continued monitoring of COVID-19, its variants, and all associated risks. Employers with Peru-bound talent should consider all updated procedure requirements, and ensure their teams are compliant.

Source: Regional Policy Expertise from Claudia Tejada & Sergio Barboza, Bafur Law Firm | Lima, Peru; Regulatory Resolution, Government of Peru

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