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Key Points

  • Both the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and the Department of Justice have approved new immigration procedures that permit foreign nationals to apply for the 9(g) and 47(a)(2) work visas while outside of the Philippines for the first time
  • This new policy omits the requirement of having to obtain a Travel Ban Exemption approval before traveling to the Philippines
  • Foreign nationals who have their work visa applications approved while abroad will first obtain entry authorization from their local Philippine consular post. Upon arrival in the Philippines, they will visit an immigration office for visa implementation and other post-arrival requirements as necessary


The Philippine government has announced that foreign nationals may now obtain the 9(g) and 47(a)(2) work visas while abroad before traveling to the Philippines. Applicants who have their work visas approved while abroad will be able to obtain entry authorization from the Philippine consular post of their home country, and then have their visas implemented upon entry into the Philippines.

What Are the Changes?

Previously, foreign nationals applying for work visas in the Philippines were required to first obtain a Travel Ban Exemption approval document before traveling to the Philippines and applying for their respective visa in-country. Now, foreign nationals can apply for the 9(g) or 47(a)(2) work visa through the Philippine consular post of their home country and travel to the Philippines once they receive entry authorization.

Looking Ahead

Applicants applying for these visas while abroad should anticipate longer visa application preparation and processing times. All required documents signed abroad must be legalized at a Philippine consular post before submitting a visa application.

Source: The Philippines’ Bureau of Immigration

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