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Key Points

  • South Korea will expand the list of countries and regions that are permitted to apply for entry into South Korea through its electronic registration system


The government of South Korea will expand the number of countries and regions permitted to enter the country without obtaining an entry visa on November 1, 2022. These new countries and regions will include Japan, Kiribati, Micronesia, Macao, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Taiwan, and Tango.

Although these travelers will be permitted to travel to South Korea visa-free for limited activities, they will still need to submit a Korean electronic travel authorization (K-ETA) application. Applicants must complete K-ETA registration at most 72 hours before departure. Generally, K-ETA authorization remains valid for multiple trips over a two-year period or until the applicant’s passport expires if this happens sooner.

What are the Changes?

The government of South Korea updated its list of approved countries and regions where travelers can travel visa-free with K-ETA authorization. This will allow for faster entry into South Korea for eligible applicants.

Looking Ahead

The government advises that delays in K-ETA application assessments are expected due to the expected increase in applications. Continue to check the government of South Korea’s website for the latest updates and information.

Written by: Jessie Butchley, Global Immigration Writer, Envoy Global
Source: Embassy to the Republic of Korea

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