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Priority Processing is now available again for certain visa types when filed from within the UK, and other priority processing is now available for certain consulates when applying from outside the UK.


For certain visa types, priority processing is available and affords applicants to get a decision on select visa applications within 5 business days or the next business day.

What Should Employers and Applicants Know?

If applying for a visa from within the United Kingdom there will be specific timing expectations if priority processing is requested.

In addition to the visa application fee, the cost to receive a decision within 1 business day is £800, and the cost to receive a decision within 5 business days is £500. After you have applied, you will receive a notification via email followed by a letter enclosing the decision.

The following visa types can be filed with priority processing from within the UK, with a 1 or 5 business day decision turn around: Global Talent Visa, Health and Care worker visa, Innovator visa, Intra-Company visa, Skilled Worker visa, and others.

If applying for a UK visa from within Europe, Africa, and some Middle East countries, please check with the consulate of application submission to determine if priority processing is available.

Please also check the below link and choose the country of application to see if priority processing is available.

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