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NOTE: US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will use the Dates for Filing Chart for the October 2022 Visa Bulletin. Please check the USCIS website for more information.

Key Points

  • USCIS will use the Dates for Filing chart for the October 2022 Visa Bulletin
  • No changes will occur for EB-1
  • For EB-2, mainland China will advance, and India will retrogress
  • For EB-3, mainland China and India will advance


The Department of State (DOS) has released the October 2022 Visa Bulletin. USCIS will use the Dates for Filing chart for employment-based categories. The updates below reflect changes in employment-based categories.

What are the Changes?

In October 2022, there will be changes in the EB-2 and EB-3 categories from the September 2022 VB following the Dates for Filing chart.

All countries will remain unchanged from the September 2022 Visa Bulletin.

China mainland EB-2 will advance two months and seven days to July 8, 2019. India will retrogress for two years and eight months to May 1, 2012.

China mainland will advance one month and 24 days to July 15, 2018. India will advance four months to July 1, 2012.

Written by: Lucy Halse, Content Marketing Associate, Envoy Global
Edited by: Dmitri Pikman, Supervising Attorney, Corporate Immigration Partners
Source: US Department of State

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