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Key Points
  • A COVID-19 travel ban has been issued for travelers from India
  • All non-US citizens are banned from entering the US if they have been in India during the past 14 days
  • The ban will take effect on Tuesday May 4, 2021
  • The travel ban follows a Level 4 travel advisory issued for India on April 21, 2021
  • A travel ban is still in place for South Africa, the UK, Brazil, Ireland, China, Iran, and 26 countries in Europe
  • Canada, New Zealand, and the UK have already issued travel restrictions for India
  • Updates to COVID-19 travel restrictions will be provided when available
Today, President Biden announced a new COVID-19 travel restriction that bans most non-US citizens traveling from India to the United States. The ban will take effect on May 4, 2021.
What are the Changes? 
Due to the worsening surge in COVID-19 cases in India, most non-US citizens traveling from India will be banned from entering the US The ban will apply to all individuals who have been in India in the past 14 days. Along with the travel restrictions, the US Department of State issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory for India on April 21, 2021 due to COVID-19. All US citizens who are currently in India are advised to return to the US as soon as possible.
Along with restricting travel from India, the Biden administration has reimposed a COVID-19 travel ban against South Africa, Brazil, Ireland, the UK, and 26 additional countries in Europe. COVID-19 travel restrictions are also in effect for China and Iran. Several other countries, including Canada, New Zealand, and the UK, have already issued restrictions on travel from India.
What Should Travelers Know? 
Until further notice, travelers from those countries will not be permitted to enter the US Exceptions apply for permanent US residents and their family members, along with non-US citizens traveling to the US for authorized reasons and certain immediate family members of US citizens.
Looking Ahead 
The COVID-19 travel restrictions ordered by President Biden are in effect until further notice. Updates will be provided as available.
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