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Key Points

  • Online filing now available for some Form I-765 applicants
  • Applicants seeking employment authorization under category (c)(11) can file their application online
  • Individuals seeking a fee exemption or filing fee waiver must file applications by mail
  • USCIS may reject Form I-765 applications filed online for ineligible categories


On July 28, 2022, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it would allow specific categories of Form I-765 parolees to file their applications online.

What are the Changes?

Most people who have been granted parole into the US for a significant public benefit or humanitarian reasons under INA 212 (d)(5) can seek employment authorization under category (c)(11).

Applicants seeking employment authorization under category (c)(11) can file Form I-765 online, with some exceptions. However, applicants seeking a filing fee waiver or eligible for a fee exemption, such as initial Form I-765 applicants and Afghan nationals who received parole through Operation Allies Welcome, must still submit their Form I-765 by mail.

Looking Ahead

Individuals should note that USCIS may deny an application and retain the fee if an applicant submits Form I-765 online requesting employment authorization in an ineligible category. USCIS maintains a list of eligible forms available for online filing on its website.

Written by: Lucy Halse, Content Marketing Associate, Envoy Global
Edited by: Frank Fogelbach, Supervising Attorney, Corporate Immigration Partners
Source: US Citizenship and Immigration Services

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