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Key Points
  • On February 27, 2021, the Australian government launched a Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery (PCER) event for Subclass 408 visas.
  • The Subclass 408 visa category supports temporary foreign national employment in critical industry sectors.
  • The government hopes this PCER event will foster economic growth after the pandemic.
The Australian government’s LIN 21/008 instrument approved the new PCER event for Subclass 408 visas. The new pathway will allow for more efficient processing and may lower costs for global employers.
General Applicants must:
  • Have full-time employment (in an essential role) with an overseas business that will relocate to Australia;
    • Have full-time employment (in an essential role) with an overseas business that will contribute to the post-COVID-19 Australian economy;
    • Be in an executive role, overseeing the establishment of said business in Australia;
    • Submit an application between February 21, 2021, and June 30, 2022;
    • Must not have a previously granted visa under instrument LIN 21/008.
  • General applicants’ employers must provide written attestation confirming their essential role, the need for relocation to Australia, and how the applicant will establish the office/business in Australia.
  • General applicants’ employers and relocation operations must be approved by the Australian Government’s Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce.
  • Critical sector applicants must:
    • Hold current employment or a pending job offer in Australia, and evidence that an Australian citizen or permanent resident cannot fulfill the role;
    • Possess a visa that expires in 90 days or less;
    • Possess a visa that expired 28 days or less ago;
    • Show evidence of employment dates;
    • Show evidence of critical sector industry (i.e. food processing, healthcare, agriculture, childcare).
  • Global Talent Visa applications must show TRN information.
What are the Changes? 
Australia has instituted a new PCER event for Subclass 408 visas, in response to economic hits caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This will encourage economic growth after COVID-19 restrictions loosen, and global travel resumes.
Looking Ahead
Australia is developing immigration program improvements to boost economic activity after the pandemic. This PCER event for the Subclass 408 visa could lower costs for overseas businesses sponsoring talent in Australia (especially compared to costs associated with Subclass 482 and Subclass 494 visas). This event may also expedite processing for international employees in crucial industry sectors, allowing for a quicker turnaround.
Source: SeekVisa Australia, a private Immigration firm based in Melbourne
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