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Key Points

  • The Cabinet of Bahrain has officially approved the National Labor Market Plan 2021-2023
  • The details of the plan are set to enhance the national workforce and promote more employment opportunities for citizens of Bahrain in accordance with Bahrain
  • Economic Vision 2030 promoted by the leadership of Bahrain
  • The main objectives of the plan include:
    • Promoting educational and vocational training for local workers
    • Putting the “Employment Skills Platform” into practice to better track labor market trends and needs
    • Investing in the tech industry and financially supporting businesses hiring local workers
    • Creating more opportunities to increase the number of women in the labor market


Last month, the Cabinet of Bahrain approved the Government Executive’s Committee memorandum to enact the National Labor Market Plan scheduled to be implemented from 2021 through the end of 2023. The purpose of the new plan is to strengthen the national economy by creating greater opportunities for citizens of Bahrain by making them the best choice for employment.

What Are the Changes?

The new Labor Market Plan heavily focuses on getting the national Bahraini workforce into the labor market and developing better employment opportunities for all citizens of Bahrain. Private sector businesses will be encouraged to hire locally through financial incentives supported by the government.

Looking Ahead

Employers in Bahrain should follow the Cabinet’s new policies and guidance under the new Labor Market Plan as the details continue to be published in accordance with the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.

Source: Bahraini Labour Market Regulatory Authority

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