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Key Points

  • The Ministry of Nationality, Immigration, and Gender Affairs has officially opened the new E-Visa platform for foreign nationals to apply for and obtain visa approvals online
  • The platform offers applications for tourist visas, employment visas, business visas, investor visas, transit visas, and study visas
  • Applicants can apply for their respective visa, indicate their duration of stay, and desired number of entries (where applicable)
  • Decisions on visa applications can typically be downloaded from the platform within five hours of applying


Business visitors, tourists, and prospective employees can now apply for the appropriate visa to travel to Botswana online through the governments’ new E-Visa platform. The new online system will streamline and expedite the visa application process. Foreign nationals will be able to obtain a decision on their visa application on the same day of applying.

What Are the Changes?

The E-Visa platform is brand new and dramatically simplifies the visa application process for both applicants and government officials. Foreign nationals seeking most types of visas to enter Botswana can now apply online and have a decision on their application within five hours.

Looking Ahead

Employers looking to send employees to Botswana for business or employment purposes can now apply for the appropriate visa with ease using the online platform. The E-Visa is increasingly becoming a popular option for several member states of the Southern African Development Community.

Source: The Ministry of Nationality, Immigration, and Gender Affairs of Botswana

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