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Key Points
  • IRCC has resumed online citizenship tests after an eight-month suspension
  • The initial pilot phase will include 5,000 high-priority and pre-pandemic applications
  • The test will be expanded to more applicants in 2021 if the pilot phase is successful
  • The online test will be the same as the in-person test
  • Applicants must provide a photo ID and personal identity documentation to take the test

After suspending citizenship tests for eight months, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have resumed citizenship testing through a virtual platform.

What are the Changes?

IRCC is preliminarily piloting the platform using a small group of 5,000 applications. IRCC is using applications that were filed before the COVID-19 pandemic began and other priority cases.

Who is Affected?

IRCC will be gradually expanding its online services to more applicants if the initial pilot program is successful. Individuals will be invited to use the platform starting in 2021.

What Should Employers and Applicants Know?

Applicants must confirm their identity before they can begin the citizenship test. They must provide photo identification and supporting identifying documents via webcam to the interviewing officer. Applicants will have additional photos taken during the citizenship to confirm their identity. The online version of the test is identical to the in-person test. The citizenship test consists of 20 questions that applicants have 30 minutes to answer.

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