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Key Points
  • Documents for work permits and certain passes must now be submitted electronically
  • The changes apply to new applications and renewals only
  • Applications that are already in the system are exempt from the new requirements
  • Employers should anticipate longer application processing times

The Kenyan government is now requiring special pass, dependent pass, and work permit holders to submit documents electronically before they submit hard copies.

What are the Changes?

The new requirements apply only to new applications and renewals. The changes do not affect applications that were previously submitted prior to the new rules. The changes take effect immediately.

Who is Affected?

The changes apply to work permits, dependent passes, and special passes. Applicants who are submitting a visa or work permit in the listed categories are subject to the new electronic filing requirements.

What Should Employers and Applicants Know?

Work permit, dependent pass, and special pass applications require additional documents. Supporting documents for work permit applicants must include a letter of engagement or a work contract and certified copies of professional certificates and academic credentials. Special passes require the assignee’s contract or letter of engagement. Dependent pass holders must submit proof of sufficient income to support themselves and any dependents.

All required documentation must be submitted through the Republic of Kenya electronic Foreign Nationals Services (eFNS) Portal.

Looking Ahead

The additional application step will likely add time to the application process. Employers should plan accordingly.

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