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Key Points

  • US visa processing posts in India set a record in 2023 for visas processed
  • The US Embassy and US consulates processed 1.4 million visas in 2023
  • Visa processing posts had a 60% increase in applications from 2022
  • Over 380,000 employment visas were processed in 2023
  • The Department of State (DOS) also processed near record-level visa numbers in 2023
  • The US Mission in India hit its goal of processing one million visas in 2023


US visa processing posts in India set a record of visas processed in 2023, which includes employment-based visas.

US Consulates and the US Embassy in India processed a record number of 1.4 million US visas in 2023, including over 380,000 employment visas and 140,000 student visas. Those visas were processed at the Chennai and Hyderabad visa processing facilities. Visa processing posts also reported a 60% increase in applications from the previous year. Along with processing more visas, appointment wait times have also been reduced.

As part of recent efforts to shorten visa wait time backlogs, The State Department introduced a domestic H-1B visa renewal pilot program that allows eligible H-1B visa holders to renew their visas in the US. For more information, please click here.

Written by: Lucy Halse, Content Marketing Associate, Envoy Global
Edited by: Dmitri Pikman, Supervising Attorney, Corporate Immigration Partners
Source: United States Department of State

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